Download Robin Hobb's SHAMAN'S CROSSING for free!

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, throughout 2008 Eos will be giving away free e-books. To kick things off, the inaugural title you can download free of charge is the first volume of Robin Hobb's The Soldier Son trilogy, Shaman's Crossing. Keep an eye on Eos' blog for future free e-books!;-)

You can download Shaman's Crossing by clicking on this link.

4 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

If they think giving away "Shaman's Crossing" will make us forgive them for delaying the US release of "Renegade's Magic" until 7 months after the UK release, they are mistaken.

That being said, pick up "Shaman's Crossing" if you haven't read it. It's very different than the Fitz-Liveship-Fool trilogies, but very very good!

Anonymous said...

too bad this system doesn't work on Mac 10.5

Adam Whitehead said...

"This offer is only open to residents of the United States."

Gits. I'm not shelling out cash to try any more of Hobb's novels in the future. The car crash of the first six I tried was bad enough, but I'd heard interesting things about this series plus everyone who inexplicably loves the Fool books seems to really hate this, so I had high hopes of liking it :-(

Anonymous said...

Weird, I'm from New Zealand and they let me download it after creating an account.