RENEGADE'S MAGIC contest winners!

Our five lucky winners will get their hands on a copy of Robin Hobb's latest, Renegade's Magic (Canada, USA, Europe), compliments of the good folks at Eos.

The winners are:

- Brian Darvell, from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

- Annie Frisbie, from Long Island City, New York, USA

- Andrew Gapen, from Los Osos, California, USA

- Craig Kline, from Tucson, Arizona, USA

- Erin Lilley, from Wooster, Ohio, USA (blackstormdragon on

Thanks to all the participants!:-)

6 commentaires:

Annie the Superfast Reader said...

I'm so excited--can't wait to read it! Thanks--

Anonymous said...

Awesome man, thanks

Brian Darvell said...

Hey I won!!

Thanks a lot Pat. I hope the book will be great.

Anonymous said...

Thanks alot, I can't wait to read it.

Anonymous said...

wow, I actually won. thanks a lot Pat, you have the best fantasy blog out there.

Nerwende said...

Congratulations to the winners!