Transworld have big plans for Steven Erikson in 2008

Erikson's publicist just forwarded me a press release which indicates that 2008 will be a busy year for Steven Erikson and The Malazan Book of the Fallen. Here's what they have on tap:

February will bring the reissue of the series' opening chapter, Gardens of the Moon, with the new cover art and an exclusive introduction, all for a bargain price to entice new readers to pick it up.

April will bring the paperback edition of Reaper's Gale, and will include a teaser from Toll the Hounds.

June will see the release of the eagerly anticipated Toll the Hounds. For the very first time, this latest Malazan volume will get a hardback release. Indeed, the trade paperback of Toll the Hounds won't hit the stores until the fall.

Even better, Steven Erikson will visit the UK around the publication of Toll the Hounds, and will thus attend bookshop signings, readings, and related events.

As if this wasn't enough, the icing on the cake will be the publication of Ian Cameron Esslemont's Return of the Crimson Guard, first as a limited edition from PS Publishing this spring, and then with the "official" release coming later in the summer.

All in all, quite a good year from Malazan fans!:-)

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Napoleon said...

So is it just a good year for UK fans then? Or does this stuff pertain to the US as well?

I'd sure like to see Erikson tour in the U.S.(has he done this before?) I know I'd be willing to drive quite a ways to go to a signing.

Anonymous said...

I had the pleasure of hanging with Steven Erikson at the 07 World Horror Convention. It was totally cool.

Because it was a horror convention not many folk recognized him, i guess, and so i was able to just shoot the shit with him.

This is all great news. Can't wait for Toll the Hounds and Return.

Anonymous said...

Erm...we have HC versions of the books since HoC!

And why they do not release the TPB at the same time as the HC (as they have done so for HoC, MT, BH and RG) is beyond me...I don't think that is a good idea.

Adam Whitehead said...

Erikson did a brief (5-city?) tour for TBH, but has said he won't do much more than that as it interferes with the writing process too much.

Since he's already 2 months or so into writing Book 9 and will probably be finished by the time Book 8 is even published, I'm guessing he feels he's far enough ahead of publication to take a couple of months break to tour before starting work on the final book in the series.

Pat, can you confirm that Toll the Hounds will be out in June 2008? A few months back Transworld Bantam said the book had been delayed until August 2008.

Patrick said...

Yes, but the hardback version was a limited edition, usually of about 1000 copies.

Toll the Hounds will thus be the very first official hardcover release in the UK.

Patrick said...

Adam, according to the press release SE's publicist sent my way, Toll the Hounds is slated to be published in June...

Anonymous said...

Wow...that's what i'd call splitting hairs...Limited Edition lol...

Never mentioned anything online or on the books that this was a ltd ed. until now. So now they just print a bit more and then call it "the very first time in HC..."
Now i can see what all thos PR-Guys are for *rolls eyes*

Anonymous said...

Good for SE and ICE, fair play.

But I am pretty irritated by the HC decision; I've already got a mismatched bookcase from going from small covers to TPBs so I won't have to wait, but now I have to wait for that to? I don't think that's a good decision.

Aidan Moher said...


I just posted a link to this over at my blog, hope that's okay!

Thanks for the info!

A Dribble of Ink

Anonymous said...

Are all of the books getting new covers, like this Deadhouse Gates cover, to match the new look of the GotM cover? If so, when are they showing up? About the same time (February) as the GotM reissue?

Jebus said...

Yeah all the books have new covers. I saw a few in a Chapters when I was in Canada in November. Kind of annoying they did this halfway through a series, but then I've also gone from PB to TPB with Reaper's Gale so *shrugs* such is life.

So long as the TPB gets released in Australia at the same time I'm fine. Hell I'd even get the hardcover!