Boys and Girls: The Survey

Hi guys!

Hope everyone is doing great! I've started mapping out the various plotlines for what could well be my third novel, and I'm inviting people to participate in a little survey about the dating scene, love, and relationships.

The working title is Love Bytes. I wasn't supposed to work on this project just yet, but sometimes stories just beg to be written down.

When I finished my second novel, Time of your Life, I realized just how much -- to my dismay --I enjoyed writing about the traveling romance between two of the main characters. Those of you who have had the chance to read it know how that love story ended up being the heart of the novel. Heck, it made a few girls cry, so I knew I was up to something!;-) Anyway, when I completed the epilogue and brought Time of your Life to a close, even before the positive feedback from my test readers started to come in, I was acutely aware that I really wanted to work on something which would explore love and the relationships it spawns. The basic idea has been fermenting in my mind for over a year now, and the little voice inside my head has been chiming (more and more often of late) that it's about time to let it out!

Boys and girls, this is your chance to unload and vent your annoyance on the other sex! Remember that this is meant to be a fun exercise! Feel free to invite your boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, and friends to do the same. The more the merrier!!!

You will find the survey at

Looking forward to a wealth of funny anecdotes!



2 commentaires:

Sundiamonde said...

Sweet! I've never won anything before. Thanks a bunch.

polijn said...

done, but now i want to see what everyone else wrote. lol