I'm honored. . .:-)

Just read this on George R. R. Martin's Not a Blog:

Best Fanzine:

What the hell is a fanzine, you ask? It's an amateur magazine, produced by and for fans, and once upon a time fanzines were the center of science fiction fandom. In those days they were produced on mimeographs, xerox machines, or (shudder) ditto, obtainable for "sticky quarters" or "the usual," which usually meant you sent your own fanzine in trade or wrote a LOC. (That's "letter of comment," folks). The "Best Fanzine" award is one of the oldest and most traditional of the Hugos.

The category is still around, of course, and some traditional fanzines still survive, but they are no longer quite as central to the subculture as they once were, and the Best Fanzine category doesn't seem to draw many nominations these days. It seems to me, though, that there is a new center springing up right before our eyes here on the internet. Webzines, blogs, and online journals and review sites are proliferating right and left, and there are probably as many of them around as there were mimeo and ditto'd zines in their heydey.

These are the fanzines of the 21st century, and I think it is time we recognized the best of them in the Best Fanzine category of the Hugos. It doesn't have to be done on a mimeo to be a fanzine, boys and girls.

Last year I suggested that I HOPE I DIDN'T JUST GIVE AWAY THE ENDING and PAT'S FANTASY HOTLIST were both worthy of Hugo consideration. Stego didn't publish enough new material in 2007 to warrant a nomination this time around... but Pat St. Denis certainly did. PAT'S FANTASY HOTLIST is a must-read site, I think, a constant stream of reviews, commentary, interviews, contests, giveaways, and discussion, updated at least weekly and often daily. True, true, this guy Pat is a Dallas Cowboys fan, but his site is good enough that I'll even give him a pass on that.

If you haven't seen the Hotlist, check it out at http://fantasyhotlist.blogspot.com/ Scroll back through the Archives, and you'll be reading for days.

Pat's Fantasy Hotlist will be first on my list of Best Fanzine nominations this year.

Well, first of all, many thanks to George for going out of his way and giving me the "thumbs up" yet again! I'm absurdly flattered, to be sure. He had to include a crack about the Cowboys, of course. But that's all right, for he has bragging rights till next season. Hopefully there will be another NFL bet. And at the speed with which GRRM writes these books, mathematically I should end up dying in a future ASOIAF installment! After all, the damned Giants can't possible wipe their butts with Dallas year in and year out!;-)

To be perfectly honest, I never, even for a second, considered that this little blog of mine would ever be considered worthy of a Hugo nomination. I just do my thing and try to have fun, all the while sharing my love of the SFF genres with kindred spirits. That I've become one of the most popular online reviewers out there still defies comprehension.

If the Hotlist makes the final ballot (winning this is out of the question), it will be quite something. Meanwhile, let me thank you all again for dropping by in such numbers and making this more fun than I ever thought blogging could be!:-)

Now vote for me, damn it!!!:p

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Robert said...

I got to say that is pretty damn cool...and you definitely deserve it! Congrats and good luck :D

Anonymous said...

Wow, OK, I'll vote for you all right, but then what I'm not doing for a free book.hehe :-PP


Anonymous said...

Congrats Pat and good luck. I hope that after winning the Hugo award you will still talk to us :D

Aidan Moher said...

Congrats, Pat!

It's nice to see a solid shift in the mainstream recognizing the blogosphere.

A Dribble of Ink

David Forbes said...

Congrats Patrick! It's pretty incredible to have such an icon in the industry throw his (figurative) weight behind your site. I hope you get a Hugo -- you certainly deserve it!


Patrick said...

Oh, I have no chance whatsoever to win a Hugo Award. But to get a nomination would be sweet indeed!:-)

I don't believe they'll ever give it to a blog like mine. If a blog does win, it will be an author's blog like Scalzi, etc.

Still, stranger things have happened...

No said...

Hey Pat. I've also just read what George wrote on his Journal. It's awesome because you clearly deserve the notice and the award (whatever you'll say)
Too bad though that the Hugo site won't allow me to vote or I would have given you my voice without an hesitation.

*Crosses fingers for you*

Nadine (Rivages maudits)

Anonymous said...

Stego blows. Pat is king.

Patrick said...

Thanks for the kudos, everyone! It sure is rewarding!:-)

Oh and Stego rocks!;-) I just wish he could blog more often...

Anonymous said...

this is one of the few sites i check daily for the latest news and reviews in the sff world, thanks for creating a place to keep us all updated. the last 3 books i've read were all recommendations from this site and i haven't been dissappointed yet!
thanks Pat!

Anonymous said...

Good luck, Pat. ;)

(even if I can't vote, I'll be rooting for you).