R. A. Salvatore contest winners!

Thanks to the generosity of Tor Books, these five winners will get their hands on an autographed copy of R. A. Salvatore's The Ancient. For more info about this title: Canada, USA, Europe.

The full cover art is a courtesy of http://www.toddlockwood.com/.

The winners are:

- Tim Lounder, from Orono, Maine, USA

- Rob Diana, from Schwenksville, Pennsylvania, USA

- James White, from Auburn, Alabama, USA (MightyYT on wotmania.com)

- Brice Busselman, from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA

- Jeff Timmers, from Highlands Ranch, Colorado, USA (spasticcolon on various message boards)

Thanks to all the participants!

4 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Thanks Pat! I can't wait, as I have been waiting for a while to start reading some Salvatore. Now I will have a really good reason.

Anonymous said...

Whoo! Thanks Pat. Finally won one of these contests and I must say, I won the right one! I'm a big fan of Salvatore's DemonWars saga.

Thanks again!

Tim L.

JT said...

Yeah!! I've been waiting for this book and hope its as enjoyable as The Highwayman was. I'm just glad i finally won one of these contests! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Thanks, Pat. Thanks, Tor.