Finland and Estonia (July 2008)

I filled another album on Facebook, which I am now sharing with you guys. Within you'll find pics from both Helsinki and Tampere, Finland, as well as a portion of the photos I took in Tallinn, Estonia. The maximum number of pics one can post is limited at 60, so the remaining shots from Tallinn will be included in my next album, which will feature snapshots from Tallinn, Latvia, and Lithuania.


2 commentaires:

Ian said...

Very coy about these women you extolled the virtues of?

Not one of those teenage fantasies? :-)

Patrick said...

Ian: It's not like I was walking around with my camera and taking snapshots of all the pretty girls out there! Boyfriends kind of take exception to that sort of thing...

Don't despair, there will be pics from the Jurmala beaches in the next batch!