NFL SHOWDOWN: GRRM vs Pat (Week 1)

Washington Redskins: 7
New York Giants: 16

Dallas Cowboys: 28
Cleveland Browns: 10

Yes, we're doing it again! And if Romo and company can hold their end of the bargain, a character based on me will die a gruesome death in the next ASOIAF volume!

The rules and the stakes are the same as last year. If GRRM wins (God forbid, not two years in a row), he gets to select a couple of books for me to read and review.

I'm counting on the fact that the Giants can't possibly repeat and win the Super Bowl again. Trouble is, if there is a team that's become adept at screwing up big time, it's my beloved Cowboys. So I guess that the better team probably won't finish on top, at least where this friendly wager is concerned. It will be the one which commits the least amount of mistakes.

I'm not brimming with confidence here. . .:/ But I intend to win this time!!!

2 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

Not to be a drag here but I'm hoping GRRM finished ADwD before the SuperBowl.

Anonymous said...

Our Cowboys look great this year but as has happened in the previous few years...the could find a way to mess it up.

Good luck Pat, I hope you die a horrible death.