New Poll:

Since it was election day yesterday in the United States of America, I thought that it would be a good time to come up with a new poll. And since you guys got to vote on, Random House's SFF blog, I realized that it was high time we did the same with

To keep things fair, the answers to choose from are the same as the ones I used for the Suvudu poll last summer.

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Dream Girlzzz said...

One thing I always found odd is that the bloggers at NEVER "promote" the authors in their roster.

I see interviews and giveaways and reviews on the Hotlist, on fantasy book critic, at Graeme's, and other blogs, but they never make a point of letting Tor readers know that there is related stuff out there that they don't necessarily know about.

When the site was created last summer, I was stopping by a couple of times a week. But nowadays, it's rare that I actually take the time to visit, as I find the content more or less "meh."

I was expecting a lot more from both Random House and Tor Books...:/

Anonymous said...

Last two cons I went, I was shocked to discover that Tor authors, other than those paid to blog on, had basically no input on what is posted. And they were a bit peeved about the whole deal...

And I'm talking about mid-level to upper echelon writers here, so that's quite puzzling to me why they would be shut out like that... is a better venue than, but it's not like Random House has raised the bar very high. For my money, independent blogs like this one and MBs like Westeros and SFFWorld kick the ass of those high profile blogs any time!