NFL SHOWDOWN: GRRM vs Pat (Week 10)

New York Giants: 36
Philadelphia Eagles: 31

The Dallas Cowboys are in their bye week, so no action was probably a good thing. The Eagles came close, but in the end the Giants proved too strong.

Unless the Cowboys can beat the Redskins next week, their chances of making the playoffs will be pretty slim.

George, it's safe to say that you can start thinking about what books you'll want me to read and review. . .

2 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

Dont give up Pat!!

Remember last year at this time and where the Giants were. No one picked them to win the Super Bowl. Have faith my fellow Cowboy fan, they wont let us down!!

(Dont ask if I believe what I am saying :P )

Shawn C. Speakman said...

Never go up against the man! haha