Erikson's GARDENS OF THE MOON limited edition

Speaking of Subterranean Press, Malazan fans rejoice!

The limited edition of Gardens of the Moon (Canada, USA, Europe, and is now in stock and shipping!

Yes, my friends, the wait is over!;-)

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Henry Lopez said...


This is great news!

Does this also mean that the Lettered Edition is shipping as well?


Henry Lopez

Anonymous said...

Look at that cover!!! Perfect.

KP said...

I cannot wait for this to arrive - it will be spectacular.
Hopefully Deadhouse Gates will show up on the pre-order list soon...

Anonymous said...

I wish I could afford to get it. I have the crappy generic US paperback.

Unknown said...

Sorry that this off topic, I don't know how to contact Pat.

Long time reader of your blog, and found something that might interest you, and be blog worthy....and didn't know how to contact you?

Was reading Alastair Reynold blog (

saw this (excerpted)

Saturday, 24 January 2009
Mongol Hordes
Now Playing: Chaka Khan

While I'm on the subject, and I really should have mentioned this sooner, you can also hear an audio version of "Thousandth Night" on the Subterranean website. Go to Subterranean online and click on the Fall 2008 issue.

Meanwhile, it's deadline hell for me for the next five weeks, so entries here will be decidely sporadic. No change there then...

Here's the actual link to it on subterraneanpress's website it was a little tough to find

Nathaniel Stampe

Jebus said...

Woo hoo! Finally! Let's hope this proves to be a better series than the dodgy Meisha Merlin start to A Song of Ice and Fire (what a waste of money those were, although I did make a tody profit from selling them...)