Hugo nomination from GRRM

This from George R. R. Martin's Not a Blog:

For Hugo Consideration: Best Fanzine

A fanzine is an amateur magazine devoted the science fiction or fantasy or the fannish subculture. SF fandom was born in fanzines, way back in the 20s and 30s. In the old days most of them were mimeographed, and some -- the comic fanzines that I cut my teeth on back in high school -- were produced by even more arcane and primitive methods of duplication called "ditto" and "hekto" and "spirit duplication," which wasn't nearly as cool as it sounds.

Mimeographed fanzines are fewer these days, and ditto is gone entirely (thank ghu). And now we have a new sort of fanzine rising up... the webzine.

It's past time the Hugo Awards gave some recognition to this new breed. The age of the stencil is gone, the age of the blog has arrived, and the liveliest discourse about SF and fantasy is now taking place on the internet. So when I fill out my Best Fanzine ballot, I will be nominating


There are lots of great webzines and book blogs out there, but none as lively, informative, and regular as Pat's, with its mix of reviews, interviews, commentary, and contests. If you haven't seen it, check it out at and see for yourself.

Proprietor Patrick St. Denis is a Dallas Cowboys fan, it's true, but try not to hold that against him. Rooting for the Cowboys is enough punishment in itself. Pat's also from Montreal, so what could be more appopriate than giving him a nod at Anticipation, the first Montreal worldcon?

As was the case last year when GRRM nominated the Hotlist, I'm deeply honored by the kudos. It's pretty sweet, especially since I don't think I can ever make it to the final ballot.

But see how he had to bring up the Cowboys!?! He is right on one account, however. Being a Dallas Cowboys fan is enough punishment in and of itself. . . Three Super Bowl championships in four years. Ah, the memories. . .

So vote for me!:p

6 commentaires:

Ben said...

Congratulations Pat! And go Vikings and Panthers!

ediFanoB said...

Congratulations Pat! I'm more interest in basketball than football.
Anyway if you are a fan of team you have to go with them to all the ups and downs.

Ben said...

Wait a minute, Pat. If you're from Montreal you must be a hockey fan, right?

Anonymous said...

There isn't much to be a fan of, hockey-wise, in Montreal right now.

Anonymous said...

at least ypur not a lions fan or for that matter a wolverine fane the way the past year has been for me id welcome the cowboys problems lol and congrats

Anonymous said...

congrats Pat.. well deserved!