Win an Advance Reading Copy of Joe Abercrombie's BEST SERVED COLD

Want to get a chance to win an ARC of Abercrombie's latest, even before lucky little shitheads like me get their hands on it!?! Then read one of Joe's latest posts:

Yes, bound proofs (or Advance Reader Copies if you prefer) of Best Served Cold are in and they look FINE. My wife is reading it NOW and she says it's GREAT. It is "violent, fast-paced and bloody," it is "a superb edge-of-your seat read from a critically acclaimed author," and it is "perfect for fans of George RR Martin and David Gemmell," and these things are FACTS that you can COUNT ON because my PUBLISHER says so on the BACK OF THE BOOK.

I regret that the goodly folk of the sf&f blogosphere may have to wait a few weeks longer to receive their review copies, as Arch Hype-Sorceror Simon of Spanton wishes to delay their release, that the INEVITABLE TSUNAMI of positive interweb hype-buzz shall combine with the swell of print attention and OVERWHELM THE MARKETPLACE closer to the actual release of the book, rather than going off in a premature hype-ejaculation that merely disappoints everyone involved and is nothing more than another guilty memory when the book appears in shops six months later...

What could possibly be sweeter, therefore, than that YOU, yes YOU, the HUMBLE READER, should be able to steal a march on JOHNNY CRITIC by being welcomed into the BLESSED CIRCLE and reading a proof of BEST SERVED COLD even before it goes to the reviewers and full MONTHS before it becomes available to the jealous fools that constitute your FRIENDS, FAMILY, and the REST OF THE NORMAL POPULATION? Is such a thing possible? Can it be? Believe me, my friends, it CAN.

Head on out to Joe's website to learn how you can be one of the winners! For more info about this title: Canada, USA, Europe.

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ediFanoB said...

That is a great opportunity.

Now I have to torture my brain.....