Scifi Extravaganza

Just received this email alert from Amazon Associates:

Save up to 60% on over 600 DVDs. Find all things Sci-Fi in our Sale Extravaganza! From your favorite TV shows, to great Boxed Sets, find DVDs from $5.99.

Just perused the list, and there are some great bargains out there. Whether its for boxed sets of series such as Heroes, Stargate, Star Trek, The X-Files, or DVDs or Blu-rays of movies like Independence Day, Terminator, Serenity, Dune, Alien, they have quite a selection. They also have specials on many anime series such as Fullmetal Alchemist, Final Fantasy, and more!

Check it out here!

2 commentaires:

Sharon E. Dreyer said...

Thanks for the Amazon list! This is a great blog. Will have to visit it again.

rastronomicals said...

I don't think many people take issue when a blogger attempts to monetize his blog by doing the Amazon Associate thing with his links. 'I liked the book/CD/whatev, and if you respect my opinion, you can buy it here as cheaply as anywhere else. Plus I get a 1/2 a percent.'


But to make an entire post out of an Amazon sales pitch might be going beyond the realm of tastefulness.

Dunno, maybe it's just me