Who'll be in town for Worldcon: Anticipation next week???

Yes, the con begins next Thursday, August 6th.

So who's coming over to Montréal for the occasion!?! Let me know and maybe we can try to meet for drinks or something!

As things stand, I have lunches scheduled with George R. R. Martin and L. E. Modesitt, jr., and quite a few invitations for a couple of drinks. I should also be at the Brotherhood Without Banners party on Saturday night. With more to come, I'm sure!;-)

See you there!

5 commentaires:

Daddy said...

I both hate you and want to be you.

I wish I'd checked the Con dates so I didn't schedule my trip to Portugal at the same time. That being said, I could be doing worse things.

Anonymous said...

I think Melinda Snodgrass will be there. She's the author of The Edge of Reason.

Jacob Da Jew said...

Dave, agreed.

I would love to meet Martin and Modesitt too!

Anonymous said...

Perfect time of year and great choice of city for such an event. Would love to go, but the circumstances of life continue to conspire against my desires. I can't wait for the run-down on the event.

MrLoopie said...

Can you please take a pen and paper for George??