Fool Moon

Okay, so I know I was late for this party. More than fashionably late, no question. But better late than never, right!?! I totally got into Storm Front (Canada, USA, Europe) when I finally gave the novel a chance last December. And I couldn't wait to give the rest of the series a shot, as most Jim Butcher fans opine that Storm Front could well be the weakest book in the sequence.

After going through Steven Erikson's Dust of Dreams, I knew I needed something lighter to read next. Butcher's Fool Moon appeared to fit the bill perfectly. And if every Dresden Files installment is as fun and entertaining, I reckon I will thoroughly enjoy the entire series.

Business has been quite dead for our down-on-his-luck professional wizard. Since the events which occurred in Storm Front, Harry Dresden has had a hard time making ends meet. But suddenly, a strange murder comes along that requires his supernatural expertise. When he investigates the brutally mutilated corpse, Harry realizes that werewolves seem to have been involved. Moreover, Karrin Murphy, director of Special Investigations of the Chicago Police Department, reveals that this case could well be linked to a number of other unexplained murders. Forced to keep Murphy in dark regarding certain arcane matters, he will get in trouble with the law. Now a fugitive, Harry Dresden must find a way to solve this case before getting himself killed.

Fool Moon features the first-person narrative of Harry Dresden. Once again, it was a delight to follow the misadventures of this sympathetic and sometimes inept protagonist.

Detective Karrin Murphy, Bob the skull, Gentleman Johnny Marcone, and Susan Rodriguez are the main characters comprising this novel's supporting cast. Although there are plenty of new faces in this second volume, it was nice to see some old faces again. With plenty more to come, I'm sure.

The fast-paced urban fantasy plot was more complex and satisfying than that of Storm Front. Every time you feel as though you've seen this before, Jim Butcher's imaginative storylines surprise you. And though the plot is fairly linear, there are quite a few unanticipated bumps along the way to keep you guessing. In addition, the few glimpses we are offered of Harry's back story hints at a more multilayered tale than meets the eye.

If you are looking for fun and entertaining books featuring a flawed, endearing, and not always the sharpest tool in the shed kind of hero, The Dresden Files are definitely for you!

I must admit that this series is fast becoming addictive!

The final verdict: 7.75/10

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8 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

For me the first book was great, but then it became the same old story over and over. I got bored with it.

Obdigore said...

The first 3 are the weakest in the series. They certainly aren't epic fantasy, but Butcher has managed to keep the story moving while things get more and more complicated for Harry. The Dresden Files are one of my top all-time series, along with MBotF and the Culture universe from Banks.

The Mad Hatter said...

I love the entire series, but Fool Moon is actually my least favorite. It only gets better from here. Wait until you get Dead Beat. You'll be completely hooked.

Patrick said...

I concur. The first two or three books are decent but fairly repetitive in structure. They are also the worst in the series. Butcher really steps it up as the books progress. Keep going, it only gets better!

Brice said...

Addictive is the right word. When the first few books in the series started being re-released in hardcover, I gave them a try. I liked the first couple; they were OK, but by the time I finished the third one, Grave Peril, I was hooked.

I read them one after another until I caught up. I finished Book 10, Small Favor, shortly before Book 11 came out.

The worst part about reading them so fast is that now I have to wait months until the next one.

tomas said...

I actually just spent the last month or so reading all the Dresden Files and Codex Alera books.

Thoroughly enjoyable reading.

AC'63 said...

I have all the books and await for the next paper back .. well worth the wait.

HotPie said...

I've read 4 of the books so far and all of them were fantastic. The Alphas even show up later in the series. I love how he builds on the past characters, and the tension never ceases until the end.