Musical Interlude

No song from my teenage years epitomizes the sense of loss and failure one can feel while growing up. Depending on my mood, hearing this tune can put the biggest smile on my face as nostalgia hits me. Or it can make my eyes water, reminiscing about all the bad times and missed opportunities that I had to face.

When we were in high school, my friends and I said that C. C. DeVille made his guitar cry during the solo.

For my money, this is probably the best power ballad ever made. So take a walk down memory lane for a few minutes. . .=)

4 commentaires:

CV said...

I think Skid Row might have something to say about this post...

Remember yesterday,
Walking hand in hand,
Love letters in the sand,
I remember you...

Patrick said...

Where Skid Row is concerned, I'm partial to "18 and Life."

Steve MC said...

I couldn't name a single headbanger song, but I gave this one a shot and it was damn good.

RobB said...

I agree with CV.

How about Damn Yankees's HIGH ENOUGH?
or Motley Crue's HOME SWEET HOME

...or anything not by Poison?