Would you like to appear in Patrick Rothfuss' THE WISE MAN'S FEAR???

Patrick Rothfuss is giving his fans a chance to get their name in the forthcoming The Wise Man's Fear (Canada, USA, Europe). And again this year, it has to do with a fundraiser for Heifer International.

To find out how you can participate in this raffle, head on out to the author's blog. And good luck to everyone!

Perhaps I should consider this. . . The way the Dallas Cowboys are playing, chances are that a character based on me won't be dying in ASOIAF any time soon. Yet Rothfuss is too good a guy, and he wouldn't accept to kill me as gruesomely as GRRM would. Slacker. . .:P

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Dave said...

seems idea to be catching on ... I think brandon sanderson was doing it too for the WOT books

Anonymous said...

man i just hope he puts it out at least first quarter of next year. I am salivating for this one just as much as Dance of Dragons. Reread NotW about 6 times already.

Simeon said...

I'm way too disappointed in how the publishing of this supposedly already written trilogy went to actually feel the cuteness of the idea. I'm not really accusing Rothfuss. It's his decision. But to take so much time to publish an "already written book" when authors such as Erikson and Sanderson produce entirely new work from scratch in half the time... it's just not ok for me.

le.corbeau said...

Erikson and Sanderson have an output that is simply astounding. Even though there are other very prolific authors (think Alan Dean Foster), they are hardly the norm and it seems doubly unfair to expect this from a first-time author such as Rothfuss.

Also, I think I'd rather wait a little longer than to have Rothfuss deliver a books which is worse than it could have been.
It's not as if there's no other good stuff out there!

Simeon said...

Well, you know what the good old argument against your thinking is, right? It's the fact that the trilogy was marketed as "already written". You don't delay an "already written" book three years ffs!

le.corbeau said...

I agree that marketing the series as already written was at least premature if not misleading.
I don't think that Rothfuss was lying; as far as I remember he's pointed out early that the remaining volumes need revision before they'd be publishable. I guess that he simply underestimated the amount of work / time that editing and revising takes. Not to mention the family tragedy that understandably distracts from the creative process.
Let's not forget that Rothfuss is very new to all these procedures. I'm pretty sure he hadn't said this with the knowledge he has today.

I admit that it was unwise to talk about a finished work, I can understand why some readers such as you feel cheated. Yet, I personally will prefer to wait for a better book rather than have a mediocre one now.
But that's just me! :-)

Simeon said...

No, it's not just you, but I'd much prefer a good book NOW yunno ^_^