SONGS OF THE DYING EARTH contest winners!

Thanks to the nice folks at Voyager, our five winners will receive a complimentary copy of Songs of the Dying Earth, a Jack Vance tribute anthology edited by George R. R. Martin and Gardner Dozois. For more info about this title: Europe.

The winners are:

- Simon Holland, from Mottram, Hyde, Cheshire, England

- Guenduez Sahintuerk, from Munich, Germany (WhiteHaven on

- Jana Langerova, from Prague, Czech Republic (Tansele on

- Félix Tiévant, from Bordeaux, France

- Sascha Walter, from Mainz, Germany

Many thanks to all the participants!;-)

5 commentaires:

Unknown said...

Yay! Thanks so much Pat, really looking forward to read this one!

Unknown said...

That's great news Pat, ta!

Really looking forward to this, Vance was a formative part of my SF youth. I know you weren't overly impressed but the Dying Earth and Lyonesse are personal favourites.

Sascha Walter said...

Great, I won something!! :)

Now I only have to get hold of Tales of a Dying Earth to read beforehand. So I get all the jokes.

I have read other stuff by Jack Vance but the Dying Earth series slipped under my radar.

But thanks for giving me a reason to read it now!

WhiteHaven said...

Yaho! Don't have to say anything except: Your rock (Oh and my luck, too :P)

Unknown said...

Thanks again Pat, picked this up yesterday!