Massive discounts for Guy Gavriel Kay's UNDER HEAVEN

Speaking of Kay, I just discovered that there are huge discounts available for those planning on ordering Under Heaven (Canada, USA, Europe). Couldn't quite believe it when I went to peruse Amazon reviews of the novel.

You can get Kay's latest at 57% off on, 50% off on, and 39% off on! So follow the links to save a bundle!;-)

I never thought they would be this aggressive with the pre-orders in the USA. . . If only it can help Guy Gavriel Kay make it big south of the border!

2 commentaires:

CJohnson said...

Arg! I just bought a bunch of books. How can I convince myself not to buy this right now.. trying.. trying.. not working.

And I guess I'll have to throw in the Liveship series to make sure I get free shipping. Ahhh... my poor wallet.

brainshades said...

Hahaaa!!! I just found a copy of this book for sale at my local Borders, although their website says pre-orders and online only... idiots!!!

Neither Amazon or B&N have it in stock yet either...

I'm finishing "Bitter Seeds" right now and have this sucker all lined up and ready to go next... it's been a good day!