Patrick Rothfuss news

It's now official! Or at least as official as these things can get. . .

If Rothfuss can turn in the final manuscript by September, The Wise Man's Fear (Canada, USA, Europe) will be released on March 1st 2011.

You can read all about this on Patrick Rothfuss' blog.

So roll on 2011!;-)

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Zafri Mollon said...

Awesome! That will help tie me over for a a while (like 2 days) till Dance with Dragons comes out.

Erik Huntoon said...

Ugh.. the wait is going to kill me. But at least the wait has an end date in sight now. And less than a month until the new David J Williams book comes out.. that will help a bit. :-)

lexcade said...


Anonymous said...

Assuming the date holds, it will be almost 4 years between Name of the Wind and A Wise Man's Fear. By comparison there was a mere two and a quarter years between A Game of Thrones and A Clash of Kings. And Rothfuss had, apparently, completed his trilogy (albeit in rough form) as far back as 1999. The point of all this being that, I fear, Rothfuss is the substantially slower writer of the two, which does not bode well. Well, quality over alacrity and all that, I suppose.

Jeff said...

Great news! I'll keep my fingers crossed.


machinery said...

lol, what a joke ...

Matt said...

Four years...FOUR YEARS????
(Bangs head repeatedly against wall)

I think I am going to start swearing off series that have NOT been completed. Started Tchiachovsky "Shadow of the Apt" and I know that at least the first trilogy is COMPLETE.

Just utterly, utterly disappointed in this in that "supposedly' the trilogy had been written prior to publication.

machinery said...

matt - there are authors who are .... (fill in what you want here) ...
jim butcher adds a dresden files book every year !!
and in the last 5 years he wrote in between a 6 book series (furies series).
r.e.feist writes pretty much regularly, or at least according to schedule.
l.e. modesitt writes so much, and so fast, that he sets a whole new standard.

on the other hand we see martin and rothfuss who get all the hype for very little.
in martin's blog he wrote the things-to-do, and in it the 5th book was number 4 out of 5 things to do ...

it seems the personality of the author is part of the story even more than you might think.

Different Matt said...

The Dresden books and the Midkemia books, especially recently, are incredibly formulaic. It's not a surprise that those authors are able to churn out new books every year. Sanderson and Abercrombie are similarly fast and while I actually enjoy all the books and authors I've mentioned they don't have nearly the depth and complexity that Martin's series does.

As far as Rothfuss, he's only released one book so I don't know how his series will stack up but the first book showed promise. Time will tell if his book will be worth the wait.

Whatever you think of the quality, I don't think it should surprise or upset anyone that it takes writers like Martin and Jordan much longer to finish books that have far more depth, complexity and intertwining plotlines than most.

machinery said...

martin is a great author, no doubt, but his lack of progress with soiaf is a testimony of his character.
my opinion about him is very poor, and i don't buy for one second that he cares about the time passed so far.

quality and robert jordan ? are you serious ?
i used to lvoe his books, but come on, i'm 33 now, not 20, his books are juvenile (the wot anyway).

rothfuss's issue :
there is no possible way imo to justify that.

i'll remind you that j.k.rowling also (supposedly) had a writer's block, but she finished the series quite fast, didn't she ?
and the potter books were very good, from book 4+.

the issue of the character of the author is part of the debate as well, imo.

and rothfuss, martin, they are not placed high on such a list.

Anonymous said...

At least Rothfuss doesn't treat his fans with a cavalier attitude like George Martin does. I think that's the problem most people have with him (that's certainly my problem). He talks about writing A Dance With Dragons like it's a chore, and not even something he's interested in compared to his other hobbies and works. And his not-a-blog has become a billboard to sell anything that isn't bolted down to his house.

Anyway, I won't start a long discussion on Martin. I used to think Rothfuss was misusing his readers, but really all he did was make a mistake with the epilogue to his first book. He's been pretty OK to his fans since then. I don't think he's a slacker like other people are insinuating here.

- Lori Petty

Anonymous said...

Fantasy readers are opposite to public assumption not fans of a certain kind of books, but radical enemies of their authors.

Unknown said...

Complexity does not necessarily equate to excess time between books. There's a new malazan book every year or two.

In fact, i'm curious as to where you got this idea that rothfuss was so complex. His story is about one guy. There aren't a variety of intersecting plot lines, etc.

Delay in producing a book that's supposedly already written, that's only about one character, when he's not writing anything else... just seems like he's a bad writer.

Anonymous said...

His story is indeed rather complex. It's not just "one guy's story" but also about society, life (not just "hardships of a wanderings"), poetology and the nature of stories. And then there's the mythology, and each place and segment of life with its own distinct tone and factors.

Anonymous said...

And I'm not a fan, just saying these things are there, and good for it.

Unknown said...

>His story is indeed rather >complex. It's not just "one guy's >story" but also about society, >life (not just "hardships of a >wanderings"), poetology and the >nature of stories. And then >there's the mythology, and each >place and segment of life with its >own distinct tone and factors.

No, it is about one guy. You can extrapolate from that as you wish, but it is written solely from the point of view of one character, and all plot-lines involve him. This is to be contrasted with, say, G.R.R.M. who has many different POV characters as well as many different plotlines.

Further, all of the stuff you're talking about (mythology, etc), is stuff that every fantasy author faces, and deals with. It doesn't make him complex because he can world-build.

I'm actually not knocking on him. I enjoyed the book. But ultimately it's just an in medias res prologue for a larger story, which hasn't really begun yet. It's not complex, and shouldn't take several years, consider he already wrote the book.