Melinda Snodgrass contest winners!

Thanks to the cool folks at Tor Books, these winners will receive a copy of Melinda Snodgrass' The Edge of Ruin. For more info about this title: Canada, USA, Europe.

The winners are:

- Scott Suehle, from Cary, North Carolina, USA

- Zafri Mollon, from Caledonia, Ontario, Canada

- Daniel Slack, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Many thanks to all the participants!

2 commentaires:

Zafri Mollon said...

A free book, and on my birthday too. Thanks Pat/Tor!

Anonymous said...

Melinda Snodgrass: straight up atheist propaganda. I'm not even joking, I'm an atheist and I couldn't finish Edge of Reason or w/e that book's name was.