Five Tips for the Conflicted Geek Relationship

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The folks at Geeks are Sexy came up with tips for a healthy geek relationship:

So you’ve finally fallen in love with the geek of your dreams. All those misty montages you dreamed of while searching for that special someone will finally come to being: both of you staying up at all hours playing WoW, sharing a bucket of popcorn during Ironman 2, both reaching for the same comics issue and giggling as your hands touch…

But wait. What’s that you say? It’s not as easy as all that? Conflict? Wait a second…

It’s true. Having fallen in love with and married another geek, I have to say just because we hold a great many hobbies in common doesn’t mean that we get along all the time. In fact, sometimes our geeky hobbies are the direct cause of our duress. After wrestling with my husband over the XBox last night, I thought I’d profile a few of the most common conflicts in a geek relationship and offer some advice as to how to steer through them.

Click on the aforementioned link for tips about console conflict, fandome conflict, attention conflict, cuisine conflict, and family conflict.

For the record: A guy wearing a "Team Edward" shirt or any Twilight memorabilia should immediately be put to death. There's having weak moral fiber, and then there's going too far. . . :P

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Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Great tips. The thing about family is right on the spot.