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As death is the sum of all harms, so is murder the sum of all sins.

- R. SCOTT BAKKER, The White-Luck Warrior (Canada, USA, Europe)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Pat, google seems to be marking ur site as dangerous. It says visiting ur site will harm the computer. U should check it out. I am using my iPhone to visit this site. =)

Anonymous said...

Sorry this had nothing to do with the quote, which is great by the way. Just wondering if you knew that Google Chrome keeps listing your site as hosting malware and potentially harmful?

machinery said...

ridiculous qoute.
what about people who die after a long strugle with a terrible illness
it's not a release for them and their family ?
what about the execution of a murderer or killing a terrorist who is about to kill innocent civilians ?
isn't it the moral thing to do ?

Anonymous said...

Machinery, I don't understand your argument.

machinery said...

i didn't like the qoute, it made no sense to me.
after reading the first two books in bakker's series, i know that every character has to think for an hour before saying any word, so i assumed this line comes from one of the characters.
this line isn't "wise".

and before anyone comes to attack me to "prove" something - this was my opinion.
that's it.

Unknown said...

Machinery, no one's disputing your right to your opinion but I have to say your examples aren't logical in relation to the quote. The second part says murder is the sum of all sins. No one would consider dying of an illness or executing a criminal 'murder' (the latter one is obviously contentious but I'm just opining in the context of the argument). However, dying is obviously the most harmful literal insult the human body can take regardless of what the social context it's put in.