Never forget. . .

The hostel I stayed at in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina posted a link to this short film on its Facebook page earlier today. And since it's Remembrance/Armistice/Veterans' Day, I felt that it was apropos to post it here.

The title is 10 Minutes and it was directed by Ahmed Imamovic. It won the award for Best European Short Film in 2002.

As someone commented on YouTube, it makes you wonder what may have happened in another part of the world in the ten minutes it took for you to watch this film. . .

Here's the blurb:

This short film, as its title indicates lasts only 10 minutes, but it tells a much longer story which unravels only in our imagination upon seeing the end of the film. While 10 minutes in someone's life mean nothing, they can be fatal in another: a boy and his loving family, tragedy in a war-torn city, death and destruction. All in just ten minutes. The film follows two simultaneous story lines: one set in Rome, and one in Sarajevo, in 1994, the worst time of the war in Bosnia.

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Goofilin said...

Very powerful film. What bothers me a lot is how we always strive to keep going to war. It would be pathetic if it was not tragic.