Game of Thrones: House Baratheon and House Stark

Well, this ain't going to be some Legend of the Seeker crap!

Only a few more weeks to go before the premiere on HBO!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey! I liked Legend of the Seeker! lol

Anonymous said...

LotS was pushed by Disney, what could we really expect? They did as much as they could within the boundaries set. I mean they sure weren't going to let them start off with a beheading scene ... so I don't fault them for that.

The thing that DID bug me about LotS was how far they went with the "inspired by" cop out. They pretty much did anything they wanted to that show, disregarding about 90% of the real plot of the books.

Lets just hope that GoT's is a little more true to itself.

Anonymous said...

I laughed every time banelings came into play. I can just see the writers thinking, "Well, we need some sort of climactic battles, why not throw in some banelings." It happened so often that it became just ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

anon 1 & 2: well, its not like the books themselves were masterworks (may there be a special place in hell for goodkind for what he pulled in THE LAW OF NINES). And hearing that it was pushed by disney wasn't too much of a suprise either. but does it really matter that one of their shitty TV properties is now as dead as a motherfucker now that they have MARVEL sucking thier big fat corprate dick (may god have fucking MERCY on whatever BULLSHIT that gets birthed out like a living ABORTION from those two).

With any hope, GOT the series might prove to be a shining example of how to do fantasy on the boob tube.