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I have found that there are two ways of dealing with men. Either you treat them with respect, or you kill them. Anything in between merely breeds resentment and the desire for revenge.

- PAUL KEARNEY, Corvus (Canada, USA, Europe)

About one hundred pages into this one, and so far it's excellent!

2 commentaires:

Jason said...

I enjoyed it, but found the conflation of Philip II and Alexander to be a little odd, sometimes. Overall not as good as the Ten Thousand, but very good nonetheless.

Adam Whitehead said...

I thought it was brilliant, actually better than THE TEN THOUSAND for veering away from the historical inspiration a lot more (though the Philip/Alexander parallels are certainly there).

Paul doesn't seem to be able to catch a break though. The final book in the trilogy, KINGS OF MORNING, comes out a mere five days before a certain book about waltzing dragons and might get lost in the resulting kerfuffle ;-)