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This from Genre for Japan:

In the wake of the devastating earthquake that struck Japan on March 11th, the world looked on in horror. We all saw the footage of the destruction caused by the initial earthquake and its aftershocks, and we were appalled by the sheer force of the tsunami it triggered–not to mention the threat posed by damage to Japan’s nuclear power stations, and the ongoing humanitarian crisis which has developed in the country.

We all felt so small and so far away – but were united in our desire to help.

Genre for Japan was set up by members of the speculative fiction community with one goal: to do what we can, however small.

From 28th March 2011, we will be auctioning special, rare and unique items donated by people who love genre just as much as you do: trust us – you don’t just want these things. You need them. You do. What are they? You’ll just have to wait and see…

All proceeds from the auctions will go to the Japan Tsunami Appeal run by the British Red Cross. In the interests of transparency, we will be posting full details on a separate page on the site as we progress.

Follow this link to see the complete list of the auction prizes.

And help them raise money for this worthy cause! =)

2 commentaires:

machinery said...

i don't want to sound insensitive, but are you for real ?
i realy feel bad for the victims, but japans is a 6 trillion dollar economy.
wtf help is this "appeal" ?
give this money to victims elsewhere, there'es more than enough of them.
and for all the demagogus, yes, i do realy feel sorry for the victims.

Anonymous said...

Please don't try to ruin a good thing. Japan has given a lot to a lot of people and some of them want to give a little back. Let them. Japan is one of the most giving nations. Is it such a bad thing to give a little back in their time of need? You could say the same about the wealth of the US, but how much donations did they get for Katrina? Katrina losses were estimated around 80-90 billion. Early estimates are putting the Japan disaster at over 200 billion. It takes more than one nations efforts to quickly mobilize the kind of resources needed for a disaster of this scale. If you think it's a bad idea to earmark funds for Japan then give them to the Red Cross or Doctors Without Borders. Take advantage of the news and hype brought up this time to remind people of these wondeful charities who do good all over the world where and when it's needed. In Fact, the British Red Cross (the recipient of this effort) makes it very clear that if they receive more than is needed it will go to other humanitarian causes.