Joe Abercrombie podcast

The folks at Fantasy-Faction have a new podcast featuring Joe Abercrombie on their website.

Follow this link to hear Abercrombie talk about A Red Country, what should come next, and what's up with the Bloody Nine.

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ScriboErgoSum said...

A few more tidbits about A Red Country :) and pretty much stonewalling about the Bloody Nine :(

The best part of the interview were Abcrombie's thoughts about the next trilogy. Interesting that it's been 15 years from Last Argument of Kings to A Red Country. Not sure how I feel about most of the original cast fading into the background, but Abercrombie does have a hell of a knack for creating memorable new characters.

The interviewers were pretty terrible, but seeing how it's their first podcast, I'll give them a bit of leeway.

Abercrombie is rapidly becoming one of if not my favorite fantasy author and is marching up the ranks amongst authors from any genre.