Mega-gamer package winners!

Thanks to the generosity of the folks at Tor Books, these three lucky winners will receive a mega-gamer prize pack:

- Greb Bear's Halo: Primordium (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Karen Traviss' Halo: Glasslands (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Tony Gonzales' Eve: Templar One (Canada, USA, Europe)
- David Gaider's Dragon Age: Asunder (Canada, USA, Europe)

The winner are:

- David Fortier, Hamden, Connecticut, USA

- Guillermo Cantu, from Houston, Texas, USA

- Chad Henderson, Raymond, Alberta, Canada

Many thanks to all the participants!

7 commentaires:

NewGuyDave said...

This is sweet! Thanks, Pat and Tor Books!

henderson250 said...

Cool thanks guys great blog pat and i love tor books

NewGuyDave said...

Pat, were these being mailed from you or Tor? My wife says they haven't arrived in Hamden, CT yet and I've since moved to Calgary, AB. If they haven't been mailed, I can provide a new address (where I now am severely low on books, since I only packed a half dozen).


Patrick said...

Tor was mailing the prize copies...

NewGuyDave said...

Is there somebody I could contact?

Patrick said...

Sadly, no.

The package will make its way to Hamden and there is no helping that... :/

NewGuyDave said...

Still nothing, and my wife moves from Hamden to Calgary in two weeks, meaning there will not be anybody to collect.

Too bad because this sounded like a great contest.