Win copies of Kameron Hurley's GOD'S WAR and INFIDEL

Seeing the book nominated for the Nebula award piqued my curiosity about Kameron Hurley's God's War (Canada, USA, Europe). And thanks to the folks at Night Shade Books, I have a copy of both God's War and its sequel, Infidel (Canada, USA, Europe) up for grabs.

Here's the blurb for God's War:

Nyx had already been to hell. One prayer more or less wouldn't make any difference...

On a ravaged, contaminated world, a centuries-old holy war rages, fought by a bloody mix of mercenaries, magicians, and conscripted soldiers. Though the origins of the war are shady and complex, there's one thing everybody agrees on--

There's not a chance in hell of ending it.

Nyx is a former government assassin who makes a living cutting off heads for cash. But when a dubious deal between her government and an alien gene pirate goes bad, Nyx's ugly past makes her the top pick for a covert recovery. The head they want her to bring home could end the war--but at what price?

The world is about to find out

And here's the trailer:

Here's the blurb for Infidel:

The only thing worse than war is revolution. Especially when you're already losing the war...

Nyx used to be a bel dame, a government-funded assassin with a talent for cutting off heads for cash. Her country's war rages on, but her assassin days are long over. Now she's babysitting diplomats to make ends meet and longing for the days when killing people was a lot more honorable.

When Nyx's former bel dame "sisters" lead a coup against the government that threatens to plunge the country into civil war, Nyx volunteers to stop them. The hunt takes Nyx and her inglorious team of mercenaries to one of the richest, most peaceful, and most contaminated countries on the planet -- a country wholly unprepared to host a battle waged by the world's deadliest assassins.

In a rotten country of sweet-tongued politicians, giant bugs, and renegade shape shifters, Nyx will forge unlikely allies and rekindle old acquaintances. And the bodies she leaves scattered across the continent this time... may include her own.

Because no matter where you go or how far you run in this world, one thing is certain: the bloody bel dames will find you

And here's the trailer:

You can read sample chapters from both novels here.

The rules are the same as usual. You need to send an email at reviews@(no-spam) with the header "INFIDEL." Remember to remove the "no spam" thingy.

Second, your email must contain your full mailing address (that's snail mail!), otherwise your message will be deleted.

Lastly, multiple entries will disqualify whoever sends them. And please include your screen name and the message boards that you frequent using it, if you do hang out on a particular MB.

Good luck to all the participants!

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Anonymous said...

Does this mean we can expect a review of the two books soon?

Patrick said...

They're on their way, so you can expect a review of GOD'S WAR in the near future. As far as INFIDEL is concerned, it depends on how much I'll enjoy the first one. =)

Anonymous said...

Though the offer, as always is appreciated, reading about the taking of heads and the jihad vibe I'm getting from the blurbs, the image of reporter Daniel Pearl getting beheaded just keeps popping into my head. I'll have to pass on this one (or two, I suppose).

shaneo52 said...

Hey, new format here....gotta get used to this, Patrick.

Anonymous said...

Nifty new look there Pat.Unfortunately a few elements are broken on Chrome,Firefox and Opera.You might wanna get someone to take a look at that:)
Awaiting the review,BTW.

Patrick said... seemed to have gone down the crapper a few days back, which screwed up the previous template.

Trying a new template totally fucked everything up, and testing additional templates didn't work either. This one seems to be the one which works best in terms of format, but I did lose widgets and there are quite a few kinks to iron out.

I have a friend that is supposed to look at this tomorrow or Tuesday, so hopefully everything will be back to normal soon.

Please bear with me...

Then I will actually have to update my blogroll and all that shit... :/

shaneo52 said...

Hang in there, Pat, I check your blog pretty much everyday, keep doing what you do, big dawg.