Black Library Expo 2012

The Black Library Expo is the biggest Black Library event ever held outside of the UK, and the first of its kind in Canada. Hosted by Chestermere Public Library across Thanksgiving weekend (October 6th and 7th), eight of Black Library’s authors will be on hand for signings, seminars and general good times. This is a must for any fan of the Warhammer or Warhammer 40,000 universes our side of the Atlantic. Pre-release titles and event exclusive products will be available direct from the Black Library sales area during the Expo. Numbers are strictly limited, with only 450 available for purchase for each day.

For more information about the event, check out the official website.

And here's a little chat with author Nick Kyme to help promote the Black Library Expo!

On a scale of 1 - 10, how much are you looking forward to coming to Canada for the Black Library Expo?

Ha, ha - I couldn't possibly limit it to a scale only going up to 10. This is a massively exciting trip to a wonderful and beautiful country. I'm so looking forward to meeting the lovely Canadian fans and checking out the jaw-dropping scenery. Turn the dial to max, then break it by turning it up some more and you'd still be falling short on how much I'm looking forward to this!

Very Important Question: Timmy’s or ‘bucks?

I'm going with Timmy's. Doughnuts and Timbits to die for (and, weird as it sounds, great lettuce!).

How did you get in to writing for Black Library?

My writing career began with Games Workshop. I wrote short stories for a magazine called Inferno! which was the predecessor of Hammer& Bolter. Like a lot of these things, once you've got your foot in the door it gets easier. I think I had three or four short stories published, which was really good learning experience.

I actually then came to work for Games Workshop as a Layout Designer for White Dwarf magazine. I didn't really have that much design experience, but I think they liked me, and after various interviews for various positions they eventually gave me the layout job. I still really wanted to write, so was allowed to develop into more of a layout designer/staff writer. From there I became a journalist for White Dwarf, which included some photography and a lot of travelling. Soon after, an editorial position came up with Black Library, so I applied and haven't looked back since.

My desire to write novels was still strong, but being an editor was something of a double-edged sword where getting published with Black Library was concerned. In order for the opportunity to come up I had to wait for something that no one else wanted to do (which took around a year and a half) and hope the editors liked my ideas. It took a lot of determination, practice and perseverance. I didn't push it, but kept my head down, did a good job and seized my opportunity when it arose.

What would you consider your proudest professional moment so far?

Obviously becoming senior range editor was an extremely proud moment; a lot of hard work went into realising that ambition. Killing off the opposition helped, I was the last man standing in the Thunder Dome... Seriously, though, I evolved and developed into the role, calling on where my skills and interests laid.

In terms of my writing, the publication of Salamander, which is into its fourth printing now - I was really proud of that. It has had a good buzz amongst the fans, too, which is great.

What are you working on right now?

Right now, I've got a few things in the works. I've just finished my first Time of Legends novel, an epic, The Great Betrayal, and first of the War of Vengeance saga. Then I'm writing Scorched Earth, a Horus Heresy novella that will shed some light on the fate of Vulkan no less! I'm also writing a bunch of short stories for Tome of Fire, my Salamanders short story collection and the unofficial 'fourth' book in the Salamander trilogy (that's why it's unofficial), and a one-off piece starring the Deathwatch called Machine Spirit. There are novels slated too, but I can't reveal anything about them at the moment.

Who is the most underrated villain in Warhammer, and why?

I'd say Heinrich Kemmler, the Lichemaster. He may look like a stinky old tramp that hides in the woods and sees dead people but he's actually pretty awesome. Not only is he guided by the will of Nagash, he's also got Krell, an ancient and supremely powerful cheiftain that once fought Sigmar, as a bodyguard. He takes on all comers too, skaven, wood elves, the empire, dwarfs - don't pick a fight with Kemmler because he will bring the wrath!

Do you have the coolest job ever?

No, Batman has the coolest job ever, keeping the streets of Gotham City safe and beating down on douche bags... Ahem... yes, it is pretty cool, but then I guess if you're doing what you're passionate about and love, and getting paid for it then that would be the coolest job ever to whoever was doing it. It's the people what make it though, and I am really blessed to work with a great bunch of folks, both on and off the actual writing of the novels. Live your life, enjoy your work is what I say.

Let's imagine that you're a man of the Empire, and you're stuck in a stone keep in the middle of nowhere. Orcs are attacking from the left, Dark Elves from the right, and the Skaven have overrun the cellars. All you have with you is a dwarf axe, a musket, three matches and a large keg of rum. What do you do?

Get boozed up on the rum, smack myself over the head with the axe haft (that's what the rum is for, to dull the pain), come too, realise that I'm Sigmar reborn and remember my vast army is waiting for my signal just beyond the rise, fire the musket (using the matches) and then descend on the foes of the Empire with furious vengeance, thus wiping the stain of their existence from the land. Huzzah!

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