More inexpensive ebook goodies!

Until the end of the month, most Subterranean Press ebooks are on sale, most of them in the 0.99$ to 2.99$ price range.

Here are a few examples:

- Muse of Fire by Dan Simmons for 2.99$ here.

- Peter v. Brett's The Great Bazaar and Other Stories for 2.99$ here and Brayan's Gold for the same price here.

- Kelley Armstrong's Counterfeit Magic for 2.99$ here, Angelic for 2.99$ here, and Hidden for 2.99$ here.

- Elizabeth Bear's New Amsterdam for 2.99$ here.

- Ted Chiang's The Lifecycles of Software Objects for 2.99$ here and The Merchant and the Alchemist's Gate for 2.99$ here.

- Robert McCammon's The Five for 2.99$ here, Mister Slaughter for 2.99$ here, The Hunter from the Woods for 2.99$ here, Baal for 2.99$ here, The Providence Rider for 2.99$ here, and Bethany's Sin for 2.99$ here.

- John Scalzi's The God Engine for 2.99$ here, and The Sagan Diary for 2.99$ here.

- Robert Silverberg's To Be Continued for 2.99$ here, To the Dark Star for 2.99$ here, Something Wild Is Loose for 2.99$ here, and Trips for 2.99 here.

- Barry Hughart's The Chronicles of Master Li and Number Ten Ox for 2.99$ here.

Follow this link to the full lists of ebooks available from Subpress.

2 commentaires:

Cliff in Calgary said...

Pat, being that you are here in Canada, how are you seeing these titles at these prices for sale. For the ones that I'm interested in getting they all say that they are not available in Canada. I was really interested in getting the Peter Brett books but neither are available to Canadian's.

Chris V said...

\o/ Making me very happy here Pat! Luckily I have both an American amazon account and a European one.If you cant access something, you can sort of cheat by changing your kindle country location ;).

regards, Chris