Ser Patrek of King's Mountain

For those people who still doubt that Ser Patrek of King's Mountain in the #1 NYT bestselling A Dance With Dragons by George R. R. Martin is really me, GRRM recently appeared on Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! on NPR and laid the matter to rest.

You can listen to the radio show here.

You can also read the transcript, from which this extract was taken:

SAGAL: Isn't it true that there's a character in your latest book that's there because you lost a bet about a football game?

MARTIN: Yes, in a way, yes, it is. That's true.


SAGAL: Well what happened?

MARTIN: Well there's this guy named Patrick St. Denis, who runs a fantasy website called Pat's Fantasy Hotlist. And Pat is a big Dallas Cowboys fan. So we would have a standing bet for a number of years about whether the Dallas Cowboys or the New York Giants would do better.

And I won the bet the first two years. But finally, in the third year the Cowboys finished ahead of the Giants. And what I had to do if he won the bet was to kill him horribly within the books.


MARTIN: So I invented a character called Ser Patrek of King's Mountain and described his heraldry as looking somewhat like the heraldry of the Dallas Cowboys with the silver star on a white field. And then I had him ripped apart by a giant.



SAGAL: Which he found very enjoyable.

MARTIN: Yeah, he seemed to get a kick out of that.



I may be wrong, but I think this might be the first time GRRM went public with truth regarding Ser Patrek of King's Mountain and his bloody demise!

It was a fine death. . . And yes, I did get a kick out of that! A little less about the the fact that it is implied that I was on my way to rape a woman. . . But heck, you can't win them all!!! :P

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Paul Weimer said...

Yeah, I grinned when I heard that this weekend.

Cursed Armada said...

I remember when you had the poll going on your blog and then when Ser Patrick finally appeared in the book I was just waiting for your death scene lol. I think I went with baked into a pie at the time! That might be the coolest shutout of all time my friend!

Elfy said...

I found the way he killed 'you' quite amusing, it's even funnier when you know the history behind it and George and your affiliations with NFL teams.

Anonymous said...

Aside from the shoutout to Pat, was this not just a horrid interview by NPR? Maybe it didn't read as well as it sounded, but if that is any sign of the current state of NPR I'm pretty ashamed.

Paul Weimer said...

It wasn't a news interview, Anonymous, it was an appearance on their News Quiz show.

Unknown said...

The first time I read the name "Patrek of King's Moutain", I was smiling because I knowd at that time it was you.

Patrick, living at Montreal, translated Mont-Real = King's Mountain. Only a French-canadian could understand the reference :D

But I didn't know about the Cowboys, nor that I saw the herald as the star of the Cowboys. Still, I know football quite a bit but I wasn't know about the wager you made both of you :D

Still, you are now a legendary character Pat, I envy you so much :D

neodragzero said...

A light spoiler, only read up to Clash of Kings, but quite hilarious...:D

Joshua Lowe said...

You sir, are amazing! I take my hat of to you.