Pre-order Guy Gavriel Kay's RIVER OF STARS at 46% off!!

You can now pre-order Guy Gavriel Kay's forthcoming River of Stars at 46% off here. I have an Advance Reading Copy on its way and I can't wait to read this book!

Here's the blurb:

In his critically acclaimed novel Under Heaven, Guy Gavriel Kay told a vivid and powerful story inspired by China’s Tang Dynasty. Now, the international bestselling and multiple award-winning author revisits that invented setting four centuries later with an epic of prideful emperors, battling courtiers, bandits and soldiers, nomadic invasions, and a woman battling in her own way, to find a new place for women in the world – a world inspired this time by the glittering, decadent Song Dynasty.

Ren Daiyan was still just a boy when he took the lives of seven men while guarding an imperial magistrate of Kitai. That moment on a lonely road changed his life—in entirely unexpected ways, sending him into the forests of Kitai among the outlaws. From there he emerges years later—and his life changes again, dramatically, as he circles towards the court and emperor, while war approaches Kitai from the north.

Lin Shan is the daughter of a scholar, his beloved only child. Educated by him in ways young women never are, gifted as a songwriter and calligrapher, she finds herself living a life suspended between two worlds. Her intelligence captivates an emperor—and alienates women at the court. But when her father’s life is endangered by the savage politics of the day, Shan must act in ways no woman ever has.

In an empire divided by bitter factions circling an exquisitely cultured emperor who loves his gardens and his art far more than the burdens of governing, dramatic events on the northern steppe alter the balance of power in the world, leading to events no one could have foretold, under the river of stars.

4 commentaires:

MarkS said...

Can't wait. GGK is simply the best there is.

Bob/Sally said...

Damn! If I didn't have the ARC coming my way as well, I'd be all over that. Definitely my most anticipated read of the Spring.

Lokistavia said...

It was Tigana Worthy. Song for Arbonne good. The same humanistic depth of his early work with a new maturity and story worthy of his love for tragic heroes.

Best novel he has written in many years. I liked under Heaven but the Kitai of River of Stars has the underdog status that truly makes Kay's characters touch your soul.

Get it on ebay today for anywhere from $20-$30. Arcs are trade paperbacks. Hardcover books are for the vain. Softcover books are easily moved, easily given to be lost. They have a soul.

No one ever asks for their condition.

Just a rant. I own pretty books too, but if I was a better man, and a truer intellect, I wouldnt.

Anonymous said...

Preordered... can't wait!