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Men need to whisper secrets, Lady. That's what makes them different from us--they need to share secrets, but we women only reveal them to gain an advantage. With a little silver and a ready ear--and I have both--it's all so easy. Yes. Men need to share secrets. That's why we're superior to them and they'll always be in our power.

- JAMES CLAVELL, Shogun (Canada, USA, Europe)

About 900 pages into this book and it is still absolutely awesome!

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Mary Holland said...

Yes, amazing world building. I always see this as fantasy more than historical. Also, same thing: Mitchner's Hawaii.

Daniel said...

"Look at how not sexist I am guys, see?" --Pat, posting this sexist quote.

Anonymous said...

Just finished that a month or so ago. Incredible!


Perry Middlemiss said...

My father, an sf reader since the 1940s, once told me that he thought this was one of the best "first contact" stories he had ever read. After reading it I tended to agree with him.