More inexpensive ebook goodies!

You can now download every volume in Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time saga but the last installment for between 3.99$ and 5.99$:

- The Eye of the World
- The Great Hunt
- The Dragon Reborn
- The Shadow Rising
- The Fires of Heaven
- Lord of Chaos
- A Crown of Swords
- The Path of Daggers
- Winter's Heart
- Crossroads of Twilight
- Knife of Dreams
- The Gathering Storm
- Towers of Midnight

4 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

This was an Amazon price match for a B&N sale over the weekend so if anyone wants them grab them fast, before the prices go back up.

Mike G. said...

ALMOST every book. _A Memory of Light_ is still $13.

Not too unreasonable, since the ebook just came out (although the ebook SHOULD have come out at the same time as the hardcover...)

Anonymous said...

Pat, why no review in ages? :(

Anonymous said...

There was a review on March 31st... I would hardly call that ages...