Roger Taylor, Take 2!

Ever since I put up that first Roger Taylor post in 2011, I sometimes receive random email from readers who gave the author a shot and enjoyed the books. I got another such message just the other day and it's always nice when you can help people find new quality books/series/authors.

Roger Taylor is a British fantasy author whose novels used to be published by Headline during the late 80s and early 90s. The books sported very nice covers, and I was a big fan of the author for many years.

And since all of his novels are available for 5$ or less in ebook format, I thought the time was just about right to pimp Taylor once more.

Here's a list of Roger Taylor's novels, including links to extracts for each work:

The Chronicles of Hawklan

- The Call of the Sword (Canada, USA, Europe) Excerpt
- The Fall of Fyorlund (Canada, USA, Europe) Excerpt
- The Waking of Orthlund (Canada, USA, Europe) Excerpt
- Into Narsindal (Canada, USA, Europe) Excerpt

Dream Finder (Canada, USA, Europe) Excerpt

Farnor (Canada, USA, Europe) Excerpt

Valderen (Canada, USA, Europe) Excerpt

Whistler (Canada, USA, Europe) Excerpt

Ibryen (Canada, USA, Europe) Excerpt

Arash-Felloren (Canada, USA, Europe) Excerpt

Caddoran (Canada, USA, Europe) Excerpt

The Return of the Sword (Canada, USA, Europe) Excerpt

2 commentaires:

Daddy Grognard said...

I shall have to check him out. For a moment, I thought you mean the guy out of Queen :)

Anonymous said...

I loved the four Hawklan books as a teenager... although looking back the plot and worldbuilding was massively derivative of Tolkien. (But then very little of the fantasy written in the 80s and 90s was not guilty of the same charge).

The first four Hawklan books are worth picking up. The subsequent stand-alone novels are less compelling. Akin to Guy Gavriel Kay, the first four books become the mythic core of the subsequent stand-alone books. But, inversely to GGK, he fades, rather than grows as a truly creative voice.

And yes, I also used to wonder if he was the drummer from Queen :) If Brian May can co-present The Sky at Night with Patrick Moore then I still think its a possibility...