More inexpensive ebook goodies!

You can now download K. J. Parker's The Folding Knife for only 2.22$ by following this Amazon Associate link. This OneLink will take you to the nearest Amazon site serving your country and you'll see if you can take advantage of this sale.

Here's the blurb:

A new stand-alone novel from the acclaimed author of the Engineer Trilogy and The Company.

Basso the Magnificent. Basso the Great. Basso the Wise. The First Citizen of the Vesani Republic is an extraordinary man.

He is ruthless, cunning, and above all, lucky. He brings wealth, power and prestige to his people. But with power comes unwanted attention, and Basso must defend his nation and himself from threats foreign and domestic. In a lifetime of crucial decisions, he's only ever made one mistake.

One mistake, though, can be enough.

A number of K. J. Parker titles are also on sale:

- The Company
- Sharps
- Inside Man
- The Devil You Know
- The Long Game
- The Hammer
- Prosper's Demon
- Pulling the Wings Off Angels

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