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High upon the peaks of the Northern mountains, surrounded by the sparse life, the endless cold, the clarity of nights so perfect the desire to spend a decade caught by starlight was at times as strong as the desire for the single pleasure they'd been granted when they had chosen to cleave to their Lord, the world returned to them. The kinlords were awakening.

Perhaps the awakening would have been faster had the world been more recognizably what it was at the time of Moorelas' final ride. It was not. Even the flowers had dwindled in the long absence of the Kialli; the trees--on the rare occasion they were allowed to travel far enough to see them--had lost all voice; the earth had been struck dumb enough that only the great among them could hope to hear the whisper that had once been greater than the roar of dragons. Of the Firstborn and their children, of the brethren, of their ancient enemies, their ancient brothers, only the mortals had flourished.

Surprising, that. They had been the weakest, the shortest lived. In their youth, they were glorious, but their youth was short; they grew into their bindings, bending and folding under the weight, finding new ways in which to deny themselves pleasure and power--and finding perverse pride in that denial.

They called it dignity.

- MICHELLE WEST, The Shining Court

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Seriously, guys, you need to read these books! Think of the worldbuilding of Erikson and Bakker, with the superior characterization of Hobb, Martin, and Carey.

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Chris said...

Just sort of realized I probably own a 100 books by now that I've picked up thanks to your posts.

Dale said...

I have to admit reading these quotes is encouraging me to re-read the Hunter and Sunsword series. Both were among my favourites years ago and the blend of unique characters and descriptive writing still stands out today.

Patrick said...

Well, they're awesome for this first time reader! =)