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You can now download When Swords Fall Silent: An Assassination Anthology for only 4.99$ by following this Amazon Associate link. This OneLink will take you to the nearest Amazon site serving your country and you'll see if you can take advantage of this sale.

Here's the blurb:

Only one profession is at once more reviled and revered than any other. That of the hired blade. The paid killer.

The assassin.

The When Swords Fall Silent anthology showcases the imaginations and talents of more than a dozen of the best modern science-fiction and fantasy authors, with each tale centered around one or more characters burdened with a bloody task they will see to completion no matter the cost. Featuring writers such as Michael J. Sullivan, Terry Mancour, Andrew Rowe, Marie Brennan, and many more, every story takes you for a vicious ride through a world of shadow and death, each as unique in perspective and execution as the contracts carried out within.

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