How much is this blog worth?

You can see for yourself how much your blog is worth here.

It turns out that the Hotlist is worth $25 968.84!!! How cool is that!?!;-)

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werewolfv2 said...

thanks Pat.. I feel great now :) mine is worth $0.00


Neth said...

Technorati doesn't seem to realize that I update my blog, so I didn't rank too high - about $4000.

maschine said...

Hm...perhaps it is worth even more?

If I counted correctly there are 73 reviews so far, since most of them are for new books let's say a book is worth $20.

Now you said recently you managed 100,000 page views in 18 months (which are roughly 500 days)
That means 200 clicks a day.
Of course some people visit your page multiple times a day while others visit it only once a let's say you have 200 people reading your reviews.
If only one 10% of them end up buying the book that's 20 people * 20$ * 73 reviews..that's $29,000!!

But of course there are a lot of inaccurancies and guesses...but still quite impressing :)

Patrick said...

Well, I have no idea if it could be worth more or not. But about 26,000$ is pretty damn impressive!;-)

Any takers out there???

werewolfv2 said...

wait, is that $25k Canadian?