The much-awaited prologue of the newest Malazan novel, Reaper's Gale, has been released on Read it here. Just scroll down the page and you'll find it.

Man, I can't wait to read this book!:-)


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Anonymous said...

George RR Martin is fantastic! Who the hell said he was in the same league as Goodkind!? He is up there with the greats (feist, jordan, etc.) plus he's a friend of robin hobb's...! He is fairly well known (in the right circles) in the UK, i just assumed it was the same in the US. His books are quite adult, though-in the way that they can be very sexually explicit.

maschine said...


1) I'm afraid you commented on the wrong post

2) Sorry, GRRM is NOT in one league with Jordan & Feist.....he is at least one league higher, up there with Erikson & Bakker ;)

3) I think there was a tiny hint of irony in Pat's post. Though since the Phantom contest I'm not quite sure about that ^^