INTO A DARK REALM contest winners!


The names of our two winners have been drawn. Both of them will receive a paperback edition of Flight of the Nighthawks and a hardback copy of Feist's newest, Into a Dark Realm. Many thanks to Voyager Books for supporting yet another contest. Without their kind support, I could not get you the chance to win free stuff!;-)

The winners are:

Harry Giovanopoulos, from Athens, Greece (Belechael on

Tuan-Anh Dongvan, from Paris, France

Thanks to all the participants and stay tuned for more!

3 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

phhhhewwwww, who would have believed that?
now, it's the first time ever i win a prize in a luck contest :)
Pat, thank you
*leave the stage*
*come back*
thank you very much

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot Pat. I just got back from holidays and this will definately help me get used to work again ;)

You are doing a wonderfull job with your blog. Keep it up!

Harry Giovanopoulos, Belechael

Meljprincess said...

Congrats winners!