Dan Abnett contest winners!

Thanks to the cool folks at Black Library, these winners will get their hands on a copy of Dan Abnett's The Lost omnibus. For more info about this title: Canada, USA, Europe.

The winners are:

- Andreas Øwre, from Oslo, Norway

- Alberto Ablanedo de Dios, from Oviedo, Spain

- Ryan Chow, from Singapore

- Alexander Allan, from North Hykeham, Lincoln, United Kingdom

- Pawel Martin, from Wroclaw, Poland

Many thanks to all the participants!=)

4 commentaires:

Ryan Chow said...

Wow thanks Pat! cant believe i won! eagerly anticipating the book and waiting for Chaos rising for WH40k 2 to come out! Also, thanks for providing all the great reviews on all those great books!


Right Geek said...

Wow! I've won. 1024 pages of WH40K delight!

Thank you!

SSSimon said...

Wow, even someone from Poland can win. Gratulacje dla Pawla! :)

Alberto said...

Thanks a lot! I didn't expect to win, I didn't check this until the book popped up in the mail!!