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Every man has his price, but a man who can be bought for mere money is no man at all.

- MELANIE RAWN, The Diviner (Canada, USA, Europe)

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Eric said...

Pat, first time ive heard of this author among all the fantasy/scifi out there. Have you read any of her older novels?

ScriboErgoSum said...

She had a couple of okay trilogies back a few decades ago, but her biggest claim to fame is bailing on her Exiles series, which wasn't that good from what little I read of it.

And truly that is a terrible cover.

Patrick said...

I've read her first two trilogies in the 90s, and read her urban fantasy novels a few years back.

This one is a return to form, I feel. The urban fantasy stuff was written in a different voice and could have been done under a pseudonym.

But with The Diviner, the Melanie Rawn that became a bestselling authors during the 90s is back.