George R. R. Martin Contest!

Here we go again, folks!;-)

I know I promised you guys something huge. Well here it is. The mother of all contests! The Big Daddy of them all! As a matter of fact, if I ever manage to get a better prize for you participants, it will verge on the miraculous!:-)

So what makes this contest so special!?! Well, to coincide with our GRRM interview which will appear this spring, Bantam Dell were gracious enough to support this little contest of mine by offering a full hardcover set of A Song of Ice and Fire. Which means that the lucky winner will get A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings, A Storm of Swords, and A Feast for Crows delivered right to their door! Moreover, each volume is signed by GRRM!!! Many thanks again to Bantam Dell for doing this.

The rules are quite simple. First, you need to send an email containing your full name and mailing address to reviews@(no-spam) Don't forget to remove the no spam thingy. The header must read "GRRM." Let's get one thing straight, since a lot of people appear to have a problem understanding this. If your email doesn't include your full mailing address, it will be deleted. And multiple entries will get you disqualified -- this one's for you Josh! Don't forget to include your screenname and the message boards where you usually hang out, so I can know from where the winner comes from.

There might be another prize added to this one. I'll let you know as information becomes available. The contest will run for about a month, at which point the name of the winner will be drawn. That person's contact information will then be forwarded to the publisher. Shortly after that, he or she will receive the books! Yes, it's that simple.

While you're at it, I also have other contests which are still running. So why not register for those as well!?! If you'd like to get your hands on a couple of signed David Eddings novels, follow the same instructions but the header must read "EDDINGS." And I still have a copy of the upcoming The Amber Wizard by David Forbes. I reviewed it at the end of January, if you are interested. For this particular contest, the header must read "THE AMBER WIZARD."

Good luck to all the participants!;-) And yes, it's open to ALL!

6 commentaires:

Steve said...

Great contests!

Patrick said...

Hey guys!

Please pay attention to the instructions. I've been forced to disqualify more than 25 people for multiple entries or because they did not include their full mailing address. And that's in the first 24 hours of this contest's existence. . .

The rules are quite simple. Please follow them.:-)

Anonymous said...

multiple entries? now how would do such a thing!

Anonymous said...

do you consider 2 people living at the same address to be multiple entries?
My husband is a huge ASOIAF fan and would like to enter as well.

Patrick said...

No problem!;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm italian can i enter anyway or it's reserved for US people?