The Tears of Artamon contest winners

Hi guys!

Here are the lucky winners who'll each receive a full set of Sarah Ash's The Tears of Artamon trilogy. We had both the US and UK editions up for grabs, so many thanks to Transworld and Bantam Dell for supporting this contest!

Winner of the US edition: Josh Able, from McArthur, California.

Winner of the UK edition: Emmanuel Chastellière, from Sorbiers, France.

Thanks to all the participants!:-)

Don't forget, if you scroll down you'll see that I still have those signed Eddings books up for grabs. The same goes for David Forbes' The Amber Wizard and Tad Williams' Shadowplay.

As for that secret contest of mine, stop asking because I'm not telling!;-) But I'm willing to give you a clue. Since it will coincide with that upcoming interview, it has something to do with a little known author who goes by the name of George R. R. Martin. Some of you may have heard of him. People say he's good.;-)

As I said, the mother of all contests so far. . . Stay tuned!

2 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

holy flying cows... Im no longer a total loser!

Anonymous said...

Who won the ''Buns of Steel'' contest?