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Ever since I began reviewing novels, many people here have asked me how I rate the books I read. Like in boxing, I use a 10-point must system. There is no science to it. I just go with how the novel made me feel. Book reviewing is a very subjective process, I'm afraid.

Sometimes a particular score can mean different things. When I gave Tad Williams' Shadowmarch a 7/10, it was because I was clearly disappointed by the book. Knowing that Tad can write books that usually score an 8 or 9, Shadowmarch was, in my humble opinion, below what I have come expect from such a fine author. Same thing goes for my most recent review, the one of Feist's Talon of the Silver Hawk. On the other hand, I've given 7/10 to books that were pleasant surprises, when I did not expect to enjoy them as much. The Radioactive Redhead comes to mind. . .

So to satisfy those who have been asking this question for a long time now, here is, more or less, what a particular score means.

- 5/10 or less: Indicates different levels of crap. Not worth reading, at least in my opinion. Many will realize that I have never given such a low score since I've created the blog. And the reason is simple: I will simply not finish a book which is that bad. I barely manage to read all the "good" novels awaiting my attention in my "books to read" pile, so I'm not going to waste any time on such shitty works. So when I mention that I couldn't finish a book, you should easily infer the meaning behind my giving up.;-)

- 6/10: You should really consider skipping this one. . .

- 6.5/10: Barely worth my time. Passable at best. . .

- 7/10: Okay

- 7.5/10: Not bad at all

- 8/10: Good

- 8.5/10: Very Good

- 9/10: Exceptional

- 9.5/10: Great

- 10/10: Unreal!

Okay, back to the hockey game. Can't believe that Canada is losing 2-0 to Finland!

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OnigiriFB said...

Thank you. That makes sense now. Now if only I could remember to print out your list when I go to the bookstore next time. I usually get there and go, "which author did Pat like again?"