The Mark of Ran contest winners!

Hi guys!

Here are the names of the four lucky winners:

Liam Clark (Liam on wotmania), from Lancaster, UK.

Elio García (Ran, admin at, from Nödinge, Sweden.

Adam Whitehead (Werthead on,, from Essex, UK.

Charles Nelson, from Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Thanks to all the participants! Better luck next time around! And many thanks also to Transworld. Without their support, this contest would not have been possible.

Stay tuned for more!;-)

4 commentaires:

Liam said...

I, uh, wow, thanks.

I didn't expect to actually win. Thankyou!


Anonymous said...

It would appear that I have won. Awesome! Thanks for the opportunity man.

Ran said...

Hah. I was hoping for just this sort of luck. ;) I've heard a lot of good stuff about Paul Kearney, and the idea of "naval fantasy" just really clicked with me (being a big fan of Patrick O'Brien).

And then I noticed someone on the ASoIaF board with a signature quoting the book, something along the lines of, "Ran is not an evil god. Merely capracious" ... and, well, that sealed it. I was planning to pick it up in the next, big book-buying spree ... but it seems my birthday's come early.

Hats off to you, Patrick, and to Transworld!

Adam said...

Wow! I won! Erm, except I seem to have inadvertantly picked up the book already. D'oh! Oh well, I have a couple of friends who need swaying to the cause of Kearney!